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Early Pregnancy Baby Scan

  • (2D) - 6 to 14 weeks of pregnancy

Capture this early stage of your pregnancy - during your ultrasound scan we'll date your pregnancy based on the measurements which will give you an estimated due date.

We'll also check for multiple pregnancies and see (and hopefully hear) baby's heartbeat if this is possible.

Includes 4 Black/White thermal prints and a written pregnancy report.


If you would like to view some examples of what you can expect to see at various stages of early pregnancy, please see our Facebook photo gallery.


Price: £60


Optional extras:

  • Extra Black/White thermal prints - £3 for 2 (or £2 each)
  • Heartbeat Bear (your baby's heartbeat sound in a cuddly 8" animal) - £20 (available from 12 weeks gestation onwards)
  • Digital copies of your baby scan images - £10
  • DVD or USB recording of your on-screen scan - £15 (this will also include the sound of baby's heartbeat)

Please arrive at your appointment time and try to drink 3 to 4 cups of water (500 to 750 mls) before you attend.

We advise you not to replace your NHS Dating Scan with our Early Pregnancy Scan, but to use this as an early opportunity to see how everything is coming along.
If we notice something unexpected we will either refer, or advise you to see, your local hospital, Midwife or GP for further medical advice.

If you would like a Pregnancy Scan later on in your pregnancy then please select this option when booking your appointment.

Please choose Book Now to arrange your appointment.