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Q: What should I do if I, or my guest, feel unwell but I have a scan booked with you?
A: Following the government guidelines regarding COVID-19 we would ask that you DO NOT attend if you have a new and continous cough, a high temperature and/or a loss of taste or smell. Please contact us to cancel or rearrange your appointment. (As usual, any payments already made will be fully refundable/transferrable, whichever you'd prefer). Please follow this link for more information regarding pregnancy during these times.

Q: What changes have been made for my visit?
A: The Scan Centre may look slightly different inside when you visit to allow us to meet the guidelines set by the government. The Scan Centre will be for your sole use during your scan visit. We do ask that you and your guests wear a face covering when you attend for your appointments too, please. We have taken the appropriate precautions regarding use of PPE, screens and a robust cleaning regime also. 

Q: What is the updated guidance regarding guests attending from the 12th April 2021 onwards?
A: We are allowing clients to bring up to 4 guests, which can include children. To enable us to allow more guests we will have strict guidelines in place - children must be closely supervised by another adult and children/adults must remain seated at all times; adults and children over 11 years should wear a face covering if able to do so; no food/snacks or drinks in the Scan Centre; everyone should arrive together at your appointment time. We will continue the appropriate precautions regarding use of PPE, screens and a robust cleaning regime also. 

Q: How have your services been affected by COVID-19?
A: After clarification from Public Health England we have taken the responsible path and created quality scan options which also allow us to prioritise your safety during your visit. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What do I do if I become symptomatic and test positive for COVID-19 within 48 hours of visiting your premises?
A: Public Health England advise that you do not list us as a contact with NHS Test and Trace as we are a 'Covid Secure' medical establishment - this is because we make full use of appropriate PPE, screens and a robust cleaning regime in line with their guidance and also have reduced the contact time within the premises to reduce transmission risk to us all. 

Q: How do I calculate how many weeks into my pregnancy I am?
A: If you have a 28 day period cycle length (28 days from the start of one period to the start of the next period) it is the number of weeks since the first day of your last period. An example of this is if your period date was the 1.1.22 on the 11.2.22 you would be 6 weeks pregnant. If your cycle length is more or less than 28 days your pregnancy may be earlier or later than this calculation estimates.

Q: How early do I need to arrive?
A: Please arrive at your appointment time (not early) as you will already have completed your consent form online. This is to limit your contact with others, as you shouldn't then cross over with anyone else in the Scan Centre.

Q: How long will my appointment take?
A: Depending on the type of scan you book, you may be in the Scan Centre for up to 20 minutes. Please take a look at our Scan Options section.

Q: How many people can I bring with me?
A: Please see earlier points regarding COVID-19 changes.

Q: Can I bring children to my scan?
A: Please see earlier points regarding COVID-19 changes.

Q: Do I still need to attend my NHS scan appointments?
A: Yes! It is important to attend any appointments scheduled by your GP, Midwife or Consultant. The scans you have in the NHS are for a specific purpose and it's essential that you attend these as they are integral to the care of you and your baby.

Q: How will my scan be performed?
A: Our scans are all performed trans-abdominally (on your abdomen).

Q: What should I wear?
A: Please wear clothing you'll be comfortable in - we'll just need to get to the area of your abdomen between your belly button and underwear.

Q: Do I need a full bladder?
A: Not too full! Drinking 500 to 750 mls (3 to 4 cups) of water 30 to 60 minutes prior to your scan appointment should be enough. If you're booking for a scan over 15 weeks gestation, filling your bladder won't be necessary you'll be pleased to know!

Q: Can I have a scan if I know I'm expecting twins?
A: Of course! Please contact us via telephone, email or Facebook messenger to book your scan if you know you are expecting twins (or more!) so that we can allocate more time - this won't affect the cost of your scan.

Q: Can I have a 4D scan if my placenta is on the front wall of my uterus (womb) (this is called an anterior placenta)?
A: Yes, but we would usually recommend waiting until 31-32 weeks. This is because the lower segment of the uterus (womb) stretches between 28-30 weeks. As this can pull the placenta back from the neck of the womb (cervix), if baby is in a head down position then we are more likely to have space to see baby's face. The actual view we see will also be affected by baby's position on the day. 

Q: Can I park?
A: There is 'Pay and Display' parking very close by, as detailed in our Find section

Q: Can I have a recording of my baby's heartbeat?
A: Yes, if you're far enough along for baby's heartbeat to be heard clearly we can record this onto a sound pod which fits inside a Heartbeat Bear (see below for more details). You can also request a DVD or USB to be recorded of your scan from the beginning, so when we listen to baby's heartbeat the sound will be recorded as part of the DVD/USB - these are £15. If you would like either of these options please let us know before we start your scan on the day.

Q: What is a Heartbeat Bear?
A: We have a selection of 8" cuddly toys (teddy bears and other animals) which a sound pod will fit inside, so when you squeeze the cuddly animal's tummy your baby's heartbeat sound can be heard - these are £20 and are available from 12 weeks gestation. 

Q: What is your payment/refund policy?
A: Any payment you have made is fully refundable/transferable at any point prior to your scan commencing.

Q: What is your cancellation/transfer policy?
A: You can cancel/transfer your appointment at any point prior to your scan commencing.