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Early Pregnancy Scan (2D)

6 to 14 weeks of pregnancy

Capture this early stage of your pregnancy and receive an estimated due date.


Baby Sexing Scan (2D)

Recommended from 15 weeks of pregnancy

If you'd like to know whether you're having a boy or a girl,  this is a great opportunity for you to find out.


4D Scan

Recommended from 24 weeks of pregnancy

4D scans use 3D imaging technology with the 4th dimension of time to give a live moving image.

From £65

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From £70

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From £70

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Please note we also offer Pregnancy Scans from 15 weeks of pregnancy and Presentation Scans from 35 weeks of pregnancy (to assess whether baby is breech, transverse or cephalic presentation as your due date approaches). These are £70 and include 4 Black/White thermal prints and a quick gender check and 3D/4D view if baby's position allows. Please choose Book Now to arrange your appointment.  

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