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Baby Gender (Sexing) Scan

  • (2D) - from 15 weeks of pregnancy

If you’d like to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl, a gender scan is a great opportunity for you to find out the sex of your baby.

Please let us know if you are expecting more than one baby - we don't charge extra but we would allow more time for your scan.

Includes 4 Black/White thermal prints and the option of a preview of baby in 3D/4D.

Price: £70


Alternatively, from 6 weeks gestation, we offer the SneakPeek® Clinical Early Gender DNA Test (blood test - £129) Click here for more information.


Gender Reveal extras:

  • Gender Reveal Cannon - 30cm - £8
  • Gender Reveal Balloon (90cm - pre-filled with coloured confetti, for you to inflate yourself) - £8
  • Gender Reveal Box for Heartbeat Bear (see below) - £4

Other optional extras:

  • Extra Black/White thermal prints - £5 for 2 (or £3 each)
  • Heartbeat Bear (your baby's heartbeat sound in a cuddly animal) - From £22
  • Digital copies of your baby scan images - £10
  • DVD or USB recording of your on-screen scan - £17 (this will also include the sound of baby's heartbeat)

Please arrive at your appointment time.

Our ability to confirm the sex of your baby at this appointment can be affected by many factors, such as the position of the baby in the womb, but if we’re unable to give you an answer we’ll invite you for another scan free of charge. We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy and success in all cases, but Kathryn has a great track record.

If you would like a Pregnancy Scan rather than a Gender Scan at this stage in your pregnancy then please select this option when booking your appointment.

Please choose Book Now to arrange your appointment.

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